About Me

2012-07-22 12.01.04        Julia Keller is a Writer, Speaker, and Love Coach currently living in London, though she’s also lived in several other large cities around the world and considers herself a modern city  woman. Now a single mom, happily in love and following her dreams, she works with women and men who are serious about improving their love lives and transforming their realities. If you would like help to achieve the love life you’ve always wanted, contact Julia at julialovecoach@gmail.com.

Julia would consider among her life’s favourites: her kids (of course); her boyfriend (who is the most generous and supportive man on the planet); good food (which she loves to cook as well as discover in the big city); music (especially live music gigs and concerts), dance (she can’t help moving to the music no matter how she tries); exercise (which she must do regularly to maintain her sanity after her normal busy schedule); getting to know people (isn’t that what the point of living is after all); travel; learning languages (to speak to all the people she meets as she travels of course); culture; spirituality (which she likes to write about as she slowly grasps it); art, theatre, opera, ballet, and film (watching more than doing at this point); and pretty much anything else in life you can introduce to her naturally curious mind and sometimes overly-interested personality.

This blog is about coming to grips with all the wonderful things life has to offer, learning from the painful lessons that life occasionally doles out, and always thriving rather than just surviving. She hopes that through this expression, she is able to help other people on a journey through her own journey….

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