Christmas Alone

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Winter River by Jansen Van Dok

25th of December, 2011

Today is the first in so many ways.  It is the first Christmas Day that I’ve spent alone in as long as I can remember.  It is the first of so many important opportunities to look into myself and discover who I really am without any interference from any outside influence.  And it is, most importantly, the first time in a very long time that I am totally and completely single.

Not too long ago I ended some very important relationships in my life.  Around a year ago, I ended, with the paperwork to demonstrate its finality, my marriage of almost six years.  And not so long ago I ended my relationship with the man that had once been my courage to end my marriage.  And now I was for the first time in years — oh so many years — totally and completely single.  And I am not, for any who know me, someone at all comfortable with the idea of being single.  So this new phase is not one that I enter into simply.

But here I am now in a new place in my life, in a new time in my own making, and in a completely new frame of mind.  Perhaps, I am starting to think, being single right now is just exactly what I need.  So I am making myself a New Year’s resolution: to give singlehood a try for at least a few months.

But, alas, you are looking at this blog and thinking “but it is called the Diary of a Dating Divorcee, so shouldn’t it be about my dating life?”  Well, not to worry, as there will be plenty of material soon enough.  But first, I will introduce some details about my past and how exactly I came to this point of being completely alone on Christmas Day and why I don’t really mind it a bit.

Stay tuned as every month there will be a new edition of my diary entree giving a little bit of description of the past and moving into the present and the future.  And, of course, though in the present I will be taking some time to regroup and come back into myself in my time for myself (without any man’s interference), the future will of course contain enough dating news to please the most interested devoted reader.

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