Knowing what you want is half the way there (part 2 of 2)

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In last month’s entry I wrote about a relationship that ended abruptly after we spent a short holiday together and realised just how incompatible we really were. Instead of lamenting my fate, as many would have, I took the opportunity to do the work required to make sure that I didn’t make the same mistakes again. This had been my third poor attempt at a relationship with someone who I didn’t consider my equal. They had all been nice; they had all been fun; the chemistry had been good; but they had all ended in a similar way. So the real question was: what was it really that I was after and who would I consider to be the “ideal” catch for me? You see, knowing what you want is half the way there, after all.

So I thought about it and my idea began something like this. I want everything and I want someone who wants the same, for our drive to be better to be a part of who we are together. I want to be consumed by the feeling for him as he is consumed by the feeling for me, but for it to be a positive consumption that improves us and gives us the power to be better together than how we are on our own. I want that love between us to be otherworldly, to be a force to reckon with, to have its own presence and to move the world to a better place. I want our success to have no limits and for us to use our wealth to better our own lives and the lives of those we care for, and then to use it to make the world a better place.

I want him to be driven and intelligent and fun to be around so that we always have a great time together; and I want him to be spiritual and thoughtful so that our conversations are about more than just what is immediately in front of us. I want him to be interesting and interested, as I consider myself to be, wanting, like me, to pore into situations and people and to uncover more, and to desire to improve himself more, as I desire to improve myself more. I want us to find ourselves in each other and then to get lost again, only to find ourselves again but improved, so that with each moment together we discover more and grow more. I want time to stand still and to pass by as if hours were seconds, but also to seem to pass backwards so that we find youth within each other and vibrancy and excitement again.

I want us to accept each other as we are and to understand the true meaning of appreciation when we think of one another. I want someone generous who doesn’t have to be reminded to tip or to think of those who are less fortunate. I’d like him to notice me with a compliment and to think of me without being told and give a gift without being directed or asked. I want intensity and hunger and true, complete love. I want passion, excitement, and chemistry just as much as I was us to be compatible in both the superficial, the everyday, and the spiritual and beyond. I want strength and power and oneness together, the feeling of being a team, and the kind of communication that never seems to get dull. I want us to understand and accept each other. And yes I want him to love my kids and my friends and my family, as I do for his, and for the energy between us to be predominantly positive. I want him to thank his lucky stars that I walked into his life and to think that I’m the best woman on the planet and to never want to let me go (no matter how annoying I may be about something ridiculous at some given moment).

I do admit: I ask a lot. But if I don’t ask, then how can I get? And that’s the point. I believe strongly in the ability of some higher power, or the universe, or whatever, to provide what we seek. But we must guide it. If I want wealth, then I must ask for wealth. If I want success, then I must ask for success. If I keep coming across the absolutely wrong partner over and over again, then I must perhaps redefine my criteria or possibly define them a bit better. Then hand it over to the universe to provide and hope for the best. The ideal may not come immediately, but we will find something pretty darn close soon enough if we just stick with it and don’t allow disappointment to creep in and ruin our hope. The power of that greater power is infinite. We must just put aside our doubt and our need to beat ourselves up about everything and allow ourselves to believe and then show gratitude when we achieve what we seek. The first part is just knowing what we want. The second part is remembering to be grateful for what we get.

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